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RANDSON LIMITED is very unique and distinct in the Nigerian business marketplace by our approach in providing outstanding services, innovation and industry standard products and leadership to all our clients, whom are from diverse industries, such as Oil and Gas, Finance and Banking, Information Communications Technology, Leisure and Tourism, construction etc.

RANDSON LIMITED was registered and incorporated in Nigeria RC 1128021 since the year 2013 and we started business immediately due to the need and zeal for a better service delivery to clients which we found lacking in our competitors firms. Traditionally, RANDSON LIMITED specialized in rendering vast industry services as listed below:

  • Oil & Gas Projects Consultancy and Engineering Services
  • Technical and Commercial Tender/Bid Packaging/preparations both in Oil & Gas Sector/NIPEX and Government Agencies.
  • Forex Trading, Investment and Crypto Currency Investments (You can invest with us today and be enjoy financial freedom as we pay your trading profit 1% up to 50% of your investment capital per week into your bank account and your capital returned to you 100% after your chosen investment tenure. See more details at the end of the page.
  • NIPEX Consultancy –registrations, tender response, audits assistance etc
  • Flight bookings –Local and International, interstate bus booking, hotel booking and reservations –locally ad internationally.
  • Packaging of Technical & Commercial Tenders/bids/proposals for companies
  • Drafting of company documents –profile, HSE & QA/QC Policy, Work Methods etc.
  • Freights, Logistics and Export Services
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Telecommunication systems
  • General Procurement Services
  • CAC Consultancy –company registrations, Tax Clearance etc
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering systems
  • Power Systems, Generator Procurement & Maintenance
  • Electronic Document Management & SAP e-Archiving Solution
  • Mechanical Engineering systems
  • High quality Website Design & Hosting Services

However, with the rapid growth in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, RANDSON LIMITED has diversified into other areas in the oil and gas sector such as Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing, Drilling and Wellbore Cleanup, Filtration and Separation, Coiled Tubing, Well Testing, Mud Logging, OCTG procurement-(line pipes, casings, tubing, drill pipes, drill bits, etc), Gas Lift Services, Marine services etc.

RANDSON LIMITED is the sole representative of various overseas companies in the above fields. As an independent company, we offer to our clients the best goods and services of any parent company or equipment manufacturer. Unlike some of our competitors, RANDSON LIMITED can therefore offer turnkey solutions, without prejudice, to meet any of our customer’s specifications.

RANDSON LIMITED Forex Trading, Investment and Crypto Currency Investments plans


On all weekly investment plans, your profits are paid weekly to your bank account and your investment capital is returned to you 100% after the expiration of the investment tenure.

In a case you need the capital before the expiration of the investment tenure, 100% of your investment capital will be returned to you upon refund to company all weekly profits you have already received from company.

1N2000.00 up to N4999.001 YEAR 263 business days)1% of investment capital
N20.00 up to N49.99
2N5,000 up to N49,999.001 YEAR (263 business days)2.5% of investment capital
N125.00 up to N1,249.98
3N50,000.00 up to N2,500,000.001 YEAR (263 business days)10% of investment capital
N5,000.50 up to N250,000.00
4N2,500,001.00 up to N5,000,000.001 YEAR (263 business days)15% of investment capital
N375,000.15 up to N750,000.00
5N5,000,001.00 up to N10,000,000.001 YEAR (263 business days)25% of investment capital
N1,250,000.25 up to N2,500,000.00
6N10,000,001.00 up to N20,000,000.001 YEAR (263 business days)50% of investment capital
N5,000,000.50 up to N10,000,000.00

To invest with us, pay the applicable amount in NAIRA or Crypto Currency (PM) equivalent to our account as shown below then contact us immediately on +234 803 265 7819 or email us on [email protected] with the details of your payment and also give to us your bank account or crypto currency account details for transfer of your weekly trading profit to you by the company.

Bank Name: Sterling Bank
Account Number: 0022785595

Account Number: 2034763904


Perfect Money Account: U23429058
BITCOIN Account: 34VY5q8MU1SZPJ68TnZgD2Nx5jtyhLdNmG
Payeer Account: P1030822499

NOTE: If you require lower investment tenures like 1 day up to 120 days, contact us on +234 803 265 7819 or email us on [email protected]